Are your components pushed out? We have the answer!


A smart idea for the fast positioning of components during soldering.


An economic alternative as a soldering aid for large and small production.


Less rejects with less effort.



Small bags filled with quartz sand are used as a push-down device for all kinds of components during wave soldering.


No influence on the heat distribution during soldering.


This soldering assistance has already worked satisfactorily in practice and is ideally suitable for small-and mass production.




We have already worked for a large number of different companies in the industry.


Please take a look at our references and find out which products are used by our customers.

We would be glad to send you a detailed list of references.

If there is the problem of components being pushed out by the soldering wave it can easily be solved by using these small bags. They are made of soft high-quality leather and adjust to the shape of the components and keeping  them down safely and gently.

Set for test:

Set A = 12 bags size 120x60mm

Set B = 12 bags: 4x 120x60mm, 4x 90x50mm, 4x 60x50mm

Minimum order quantity 15 items